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Signs You May Have a Vein Disease

Last updated 3 years ago

Although there are physical signs of vein conditions, some people living with problematic veins may not be aware of other symptoms that can indicate a serious vein disease without visiting an interventional radiologist. As a result, many simply tolerate the discomfort and pain that comes with having varicose veins. Here are four signs that you may have a vein disease:

1. Varicose Veins: Though most people with varicose veins simply feel insecure for cosmetic reasons, varicose veins can also affect your health. Varicose veins twist and stretch, causing blood to flow in the wrong direction. This causes veins to bulge, but typically isn’t serious unless it causes swelling and serious pain.

2. Trouble Exercising: If the feeling of heaviness or pain keeps you from engaging in activities you once loved, this could be a sign of serious vein complications. Pain is typically worse when patients with vein disease stand and subsides when they sit and elevate their legs.

3. Rashes or Non-Healing Wounds: If you have never experienced eczema before the development of varicose veins, it could be a sign of disease. Ulcers that won’t heal are also abnormal and should be examined thoroughly.

4. Darker Skin: The sudden darkening of skin around the veins is an alarming and dangerous sign in need of immediate attention. If you experience skin darkening, your doctor will work with you to identify the condition of the disease and discuss treatment options.

Living with a vein disease doesn’t have to be an ongoing fight against pain, stress, and discomfort. Advanced Medical Imaging’s vein center in Denver offers state-of-the-art technology and services to relieve your symptoms and treat your condition effectively. Call us today at (303) 433-9729 to learn more about vein therapy and our other services.


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